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Advertising and Public Relations

Negotiate, draft and advise on a variety of agreements such as:

Review and counsel on:

Advise and counsel on:

  • Client-Agency
  • Claim substantiation for products and services
  • U.S. and Global “Green” claims
  • Production
  • Advertising and public relations materials and programs — TV, print, outdoor, catalogue, radio, online, email, buzz and viral marketing
  • FTC matters
  • Talent and spokesperson
  • Packaging and labeling
  • EPA advertising-related matters
  • Sponsorship
  • Privacy law issues
  • TV network guideline compliance
  • Event marketing
  • Press releases
  • Product placement
  • Intellectual property licenses
  • National Advertising Division (NAD) proceedings
  • Joint Promotion Agreements
  • Charitable Co-Ventures, including related state filings